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Join a 4-day couples’ retreat to reconnect, deepen intimacy, and tune in to each other’s experience.

Spend time in nature together, away from everyday distractions and responsibilities.

We will pamper you with delicious food and curated experiences that will help you rekindle a joyful and mindful connection.

This retreat is for both long-term and new couples who want to strengthen and look after their bond.

This is not a couple’s counselling.


26-29 AUG 2021 (WAITING LIST) | 7-10 OCT 2021 (WAITING LIST) ​

Daria And Heine Bliss Stars Founders


You need time and space to reconnect with your partner

You want to cultivate mindful connection and communication

You want to keep the love on

You yearn for a deeper connection with your partner


We’ve been there. Working long hours, rarely making time for ourselves, and not listening enough to our inner voice.

Mindfulness and nature were two things that allowed us to see our life from a more balanced perspective. We opened our eyes for the first time and realized that we postponed our true dreams for too long.

As soon as we created space for self-care and learned how to keep stress at healthy levels, creativity and courage flourished.

We created Bliss & Stars to share our passions, our long-life learnings, and the experience of self-discovery by living with no fear.

Daria & Heine Rasmussen

Daria And Heine Rasmussen Bliss Andstars Founders
"Daria and Heine, our amazing hosts have built a breathtaking getaway, and we can’t express how truly spectacular it was to be welcomed into their home. We did hikes, canoeing, mindfulness, and yoga practice, ate mind-blowing plant-based food by, planet and moon gazing through one of their telescopes, and had an overall life-changing experience."
man and woman canoeing at bliss and stars
Kaydee & Andre
DAily flow
The days are designed to give you plenty of time to slow down and spend time together.

There is morning and evening meditation and breathing & relaxation techniques.

Mindfulness practices to deepen listening and learn tools to navigate conflict and frustration.

You’ll be counting shooting stars and looking deep into the night sky through one of our telescopes.

There will also be plenty of time to relax by the pool or the river, listen to the birds sing, and watch the water flow.


Learn mindful communication skills. Listen without taking things personally or over-reacting.
Be aware of the destructive thought patterns that threaten your relationship. Learn techniques on how to navigate frustration and conflict.
Explore and deepen the capacity to be fully present with your partner. Rekindle the love and intimacy that brought you together.
Grounding Food At Bliss Amp Stars


Our serene days are complemented by nutritious and delicious plant-based food prepared by our chef Arabella.

The food is a highlight for guests and a key component of balancing the nervous system, it heightens your senses, grounds you in your body, and connects you to the Earth.

We use ingredients sourced from our onsite organic garden or nearby local farms. Our menus are full of vegetables, grains, legumes, and seeds while excluding alcohol, caffeine, processed sugars to aid the rejuvenation process.

Meals are enjoyed in a communal setting with magnificent views either at the dining table or out in nature.

We accommodate most allergies and cater to most dietary requirements.
04 Mountain

Come as you areWe take care of the rest


The entire experience is included in the stated prices. We never have extra “hidden” charges.
Eagles Nest Interior


257 Figtree Blissandstars Teagancunniffe


4 days | 3 nights private accommodation in our chalets or tented chalets

Daily meditation, mindful movement, and yoga Nidra practices

Daily mindful walks

5 Love Languages Workshop

1:1 guidance | Mindful Conversations

Guided stargazing sessions

Snacks & beverages served throughout the day

3 balanced and nutritious meals a day

Clean & biodegradable skin care products

Free access to 1,350 ha of wild & pristine nature
Bliss And Stars Experience

Rest assured with COVID-19 safe protocols

Rest in spacious chalets that seamlessly mesh with nature

Be amazed by nature and observe the night sky through our state-of-the-art telescopes

Saunter in secluded mountainous areas

Relax & breath deeply with mindfulness practices

Discover Bushmen cave paintings

Build bonds with others in small groups of a maximum of 10 people

Share the living space with elands, baboons, Cape leopards and many more beautiful animals

Travel light with daily laundry service

"Location, location, location! That is what made me instantly fall in love with Bliss & Stars. On the edge of a secluded mountain outside Clanwilliam along the Doring River, THIS place is special! Not only is the land and incredible accommodation special but the owners are what make the experience something else. I really hope to make this spot a place to retreat to for many years to come."
Desire T.

Upon reservation confirmation, you’ll be sent a welcome letter giving lots of useful information about the retreat & this includes a guide on how to get here. If you need a transfer from the airport / Cape town, provide the details in the reservation form.

Upon reservation confirmation, you’ll be sent a welcome letter giving lots of useful information about the retreat & this includes a helpful guide on what to pack.

These experiences are designed to be a more intimate experience. We limit the size to 6 -10 people. In this way we ensure you receive a full attention from the team.

Yes, we are very happy to welcome couples at this retreat.

Bliss & Stars is not conducive to children. We have a minimum age requirement of 21.

We don’t have any check-in or check-out times as soon as you arrange with us your arrival and departure times.

We can provide specific nutritional, dietary requirements, food allergies, food intolerance’s etc. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options are always available.

Everyone is welcome at all of our experiences regardless of the meditation, yoga experience or fitness levels. We cater for different levels, so that you will be supported, challenged & encouraged to learn.

You don’t need to participate in everything; you can pace yourself to find the perfect amount of activity for you. We support you in doing as much or as little as is right for you, depending on how you are feeling. Personally, we wouldn’t want to miss a thing.

It’s not possible to stay on at Bliss & Stars. We ask that you leave by 5pm on the closing day. Lunch is the last meal which you are welcome to stay for.

We offer personalized payment plans for all our retreats up to 2 month before the start date of your stay.

Please read our terms & conditions for our cancelation policy

We always strive to make our experiences available to everyone, therefore we have a bursary programme. Please contact us for more information.

No, there is neither mobile coverage or WIFI available. There is a computer with guest access available in case of emergency. And you will be provided a phone number, you can be reached while staying at Bliss & Stars.


Please answer the questions below so we can tailor the experience to meet your needs.

We require a 50% deposit to confirm your reservation.

If you are not committed to making a reservation yet and have some questions, contact us here.