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We have consciously designed the Bliss & Stars retreats to help get you out of the daily grind in order to awaken and explore the wilderness inside and around you.

Bliss & Stars chalets embrace the grandeur of the surroundings with views of majestic rocky outcrops, the mountains and valleys, and the Doring and Brandewyn Rivers.

We believe that we can all awaken to life and the beauty of who we are through the rewiring of our daily habits and experiencing awe through nature.

Our approach fuses the collective powers of meditation, nature, astronomy and community. Together, these things relax mental hyperactivity, simplify the seemingly complex, and cultivate discovery and personal transformation. When the brain is stimulated by new experiences, it is freed from its old ways.

We guide you as you awaken to the stunning magic and profound simplicity of life and of who you are.

Bliss & Stars is 100% secular, and can easily compliment any religion or spiritual practice. Our teachings are straight-forward, down-to-earth, and dogma-free.

Nature And Architecture At Bliss And Stars Wilderness Retreat In South Africa

meaningful connectionS

The Bliss & Stars experience utilises what’s available and accessible to us: the breath, body, nature, nutritious food and the night sky.

We are also proud to be off-the-grid, which encourages us to switch off the technology and renew the connection with ourselves; helping us be more present, calm and centred.

Meditation In Nature Bliss And Stars Retreat In South Africa


Sit down. Slow down. Explore the inner wilderness.
Aiming For The Stars


Travel in time and space.


Our team and community will make your journey unique. We share a common interest in life, well-lived. We share our collective wisdom through unique experiences, playfulness, laughter, and delicious meals.
Grounding Food At Bliss Amp Stars


Savor the delicious and nutritious meals with all your senses.
Cape Mountain Leopard


Explore the magical and prisine wilderness.

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