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Medicinal Mushroom microdosing

find out what makes you bloom

We invite you to a 5-day experience to discover and foster your connection with the universe and bloom. Nature blooms during the months of August and September in the Cederberg. Everything wakes up to life and shines. This is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself, nourish your body, heart and mind, and let yourself bloom.

During this retreat we will micro-dose on medicinal mushrooms as we embark on a journey towards thriving and personal growth. 5 days filled with breathwork, somatic movement, mindfulness, beautiful hikes in the fields of flowers and tasty, healthy meals.

We facilitate guided meditations, journaling plus integration circles to evoke presence and an overall sense of well-being. There will also be a period of silence to give you the opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and explore your inner landscapes.

The Bloom Retreat creates opportunity for a profound reset by combining ancient meditation practices, medicinal mushrooms with nature and food in a setting that fosters a deep connection to Mother Earth and ourselves.

Meditation experience is not required. Moderate fitness level.
What is Microdosing?
Microdosing is all about taking tiny amounts of specific plant medicines. It’s not about getting high or tripping, but rather about making subtle shifts in your mental and emotional well-being.

One of the great things about microdosing is that it can also boost your creativity, energy, and focus. It’s like giving your brain a little nudge to help you think outside the box and stay sharp.
Bloom And Glow


9 - 13 AUG 2023 | 30 AUG - 3 SEP 2023 (WAITING LIST) | 25 - 29 OCT 2023


The entire experience is included in the stated prices. We never have extra “hidden” charges.
Eagles Nest Interior

R35,000 | 2 PERSONS

Leopards Cave Chalet At Bliss Amp Stars Retreat In Cederberg


R25,000 | 1 PERSON

Dassies Spot


R28,000 | 2 PERSONS

Bloom And Glow


R20,000 | 1 PERSON


5 days | 4 nights private accommodation in a chalet or tented chalet

Daily mindfulness and mindful movement practices

‘Medicinal Mushroom Microdosing’ course and experience with 1:1 guidance

Mindful conversations (pre and post retreat)

Coaching circles

Guided stargazing sessions

Guided hikes and magical picnics

Snacks and beverages plus 3 balanced and nutritious meals a day

100% natural Bliss & Stars Skin Care

Access to 1,350 ha of wild and pristine nature

Bloom And Glow


Daria and Heine made a daring choice to break free from the chaotic city life and embrace a simpler existence in the tranquil bush. Their journey was one of personal exploration and taking risks. Bliss & Stars emerged as the product of their deep love and unwavering passion.

What sets Daria and Heine’s retreat apart is that it goes far beyond mere knowledge-sharing. Their retreat is a haven where people can find solace and experience personal growth. They have carefully crafted a nurturing space where participants can fully immerse themselves in the wonders of the universe and discover the profound healing powers of nature.

Daria and Heine bring their own unique expertise to the retreat, but what truly sets them apart is their genuine care for each individual. They create an atmosphere where every guest feels valued, supported, and encouraged to embrace a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Their story is an inspiration for anyone who yearns for a change, a chance to reconnect with themselves and find inner peace. Daria and Heine’s journey proves that by taking that leap of faith, following your passions, and creating a space where others can thrive, you can transform not only your own life but also the lives of those around you.
TO BLOOM is to become radiant and glowing
DAily flow

The days are designed to give you plenty of time to rest and nap, restore and reflect.

The days will include morning and evening meditation and breathwork practices, somatic movement, 1:1 sessions, integration, and educational workshops.

You can enjoy medicine walks, guided hikes and will have the opportunity to count shooting stars and look deep into the night sky through one of our telescopes.

There will also be plenty of time to relax by the pool or river, listen to the birds sing and watch the water flow.

Experience change in your mood, improved sleep, less rumination, better focus, and orientation towards healthier lifestyle habits.
Improved sense of well-being
Increased sense of connection
Reduced stress
Hummus Dish Prepared By Aphelele Dlungane


Our serene days are complemented by nutritious and delicious plant-based food prepared by our chefs.

The food is a highlight for guests and a key component of balancing the nervous system. It heightens your senses, grounds you in your body and connects you to the Earth.

We use ingredients sourced from our on-site organic garden and nearby local farms. Our menus are full of vegetables, grains, legumes and seeds. 

Alcohol, caffeine and processed sugars are excluded to aid the rejuvenation process.

Be it at the dining table or out in nature: meals are enjoyed in a communal setting with magnificent views either.

We accommodate most allergies and cater to most dietary requirements.

04 Mountain

Come as you areWe take care of the rest


Rest in spacious chalets that seamlessly mesh with nature

Be amazed by nature and observe the night sky through our state-of-the-art telescopes

Saunter in secluded mountainous areas

Relax and breath deeply with mindfulness practices

Discover Bushmen cave paintings

Build bonds with others in small groups of a maximum of 10 people

Share the living space with eland, baboons, Cape leopards and many more beautiful animals

Travel light and use our daily laundry service


It is a +- 4.5 hour drive from Cape Town to the Bliss & Stars meeting point. Bliss & Stars is 60km north of Clanwilliam in the Western Cape. It is a 45-minute drive on a gravel road from Clanwilliam to the meeting point however no 4 x 4 or raised vehicle is necessary. At the meeting point, you can safely park your car and will take you the last bit of the way in our vehicle.

You are welcome to drive all the way to Bliss & Stars however: after the meeting point the road is sandy and rocky so a high clearance vehicle and confident driving skills are needed.

If you need a transfer from CPT or Cape Town International Airport then let us know.

Please aim to check in before 2pm. On the last day the retreat ends at 11 am and you will be able to check out from 12pm onwards.

If you are flying back home: we recommend booking your flight after 4pm. Alternatively break your travel and stay in Clanwilliam before you head back. We recommend the Yellow Aloe guesthouse in Clanwilliam.

Once your reservation has been confirmed: you’ll be sent a welcome letter providing lots of useful information about the retreat, including a helpful guide on what to pack.

These experiences are designed to be more intimate. We limit the number of guests to 6 – 10 people to ensure you receive full attention from the team.

Yes, we are very happy to welcome couples at this retreat.

Bliss & Stars is not conducive to children. We have a minimum age requirement of 21.

Please arrive no later than 2pm and plan to leave no earlier than 12pm. Exact arrival and departure times can be arranged with us closer to the time. 

We cater to specific nutritional and dietary requirements including food allergies and food intolerances. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are always available.

Everyone is welcome at all of our experiences regardless of the meditation and yoga experience or fitness levels. We cater for different levels, so that you will be supported, challenged and encouraged to learn.

No. You can pace yourself to find the perfect amount of activity that suits you. We support you in doing as much or as little as you’d like, depending on how you are feeling. Personally, we wouldn’t want to miss a thing!

Unfortunately not. We ask that you leave by 5pm on the closing day. 

We offer personalized payment plans for all our retreats up to 2 months before the start date of your stay.

Please read our terms & conditions for our cancelation policy

We always strive to make our experiences available to everyone and therefore we have a bursary program. Learn more here.

No, there is no mobile coverage or WIFI available. There is a computer with guest access available in case of emergency and you will be provided with a phone number should you need to be reached while staying at Bliss & Stars.


Please answer the questions below. We will reach you to you with more information within two business days.

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