In spring and autumn (mid-August to mid-October, mid-March to May) the days are warm and the nights are mild with average daytime temperatures between 24 – 30°C and evening temperatures between 15 – 20°C.

Summer (late October to mid-March), provide dry, warm to hot days and pleasant evenings. Average summer daytime temperatures are between 30 – 40°C. Evening temperatures are 25 – 30°C.

Winter (late May to mid-August) is our rainfall season with average 150mm per year, so the rain is a rare sight and a blessing. Winter mornings  are crisp and the evenings are cold and can reach as low as 5°C. Daytime temperatures are very pleasant and reach 20 – 25°C.

Our retreat has its own weather forecast. Check it here.

We believe in traveling light, so we provide you with all necessities, like biodegradable skin & hair & oral care products, towels, yoga & meditation equipment and water flasks.

All you have to bring is a suitcase with your clothes. Because of the range of temperatures that can be experienced from morning through to night, it is recommended to bring clothing to suit both warm and cooler weather, depending on the season.

Light cotton / linen shirts with long sleeves and trousers are a must for sun protection during the hotter months.

Hiking boots or comfortable sneakers.

We also offer laundry service free of charge, so no need for large suitcase.

English and Afrikaans are the most common languages in South Africa.

Rand (ZAR) is a local currency. you can find bank ATMs can be found at airport, local banks and stores.

Please check with your nearest South African embassy or consulate prior to travel. Visa requirements vary from country to country.

Bliss & Stars is on SAST time, which is 2 ahead of GMT. Check time in various time zones here.

The Bliss & Stars team can assist with any other travel arrangements, including transfers. Contact us and let us know what you need.

The nearest hospital is located in Clanwilliam, 90-minute drive from Bliss & Stars. We can also arrange for a doctor to visit the retreat with advance notice.

Our serve healthy vegetarian food using organic, local and seasonal ingredients. Meals exclude alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugar. 

We do cater to all dietary requirements.

We offer amazing decaffeinated coffee blends and home-made beverages like rooibos tea, water kefir, infused waters, etc. 

South Africa has a round 3 pin plug, for which you will need an adaptor when you travel in South Africa. At Bliss & Stars we have both South African and standard European plugs.

The Bliss & Stars team can assist with any other travel arrangements, including transfers. Contact us and let us know what you need.