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In spring and autumn (mid-August to mid-October, mid-March to May) the days are warm and the nights are mild with average daytime temperatures between 24 – 30°C and evening temperatures between 15 – 20°C.

Summer (late October to mid-March), provide dry, warm to hot days and pleasant evenings. Average summer daytime temperatures are between 30 – 40°C. Evening temperatures are 25 – 30°C.

Winter (late May to mid-August) is our rainfall season with average 150mm per year, so the rain is a rare sight and a blessing. Winter mornings  are crisp and the evenings are cold and can reach as low as 5°C. Daytime temperatures are very pleasant and reach 20 – 25°C.

Our retreat has its own weather forecast. Check it here.

Once your reservation has been confirmed: you’ll be sent a welcome letter providing lots of useful information about the retreat, including a helpful guide on what to pack.

We believe in traveling light, so we provide you with all the necessities like biodegradable skin care products, towels, yoga and meditation equipment, headlamps and water flasks.

All you have to bring is sunscreen, mosquito repellent and suitcase with your clothes. Because of the range of temperatures that can be experienced from morning through to night, we recommended bringing clothes to suit warm and cooler weather, depending on the season.

Light cotton / linen shirts with long sleeves and trousers are a must for sun protection during the hotter months.

Hiking boots or comfortable sneakers. A swimsuit and hat are a must.

We offer a laundry service free of charge so there’s no need for a large suitcase.

It is a +- 4.5 hour drive from Cape Town to the Bliss & Stars meeting point. Bliss & Stars is 60km north of Clanwilliam in the Western Cape. It is a 45-minute drive on a gravel road from Clanwilliam to the meeting point however no 4 x 4 or raised vehicle is necessary. At the meeting point, you can safely park your car and will take you the last bit of the way in our vehicle.

You are welcome to drive all the way to Bliss & Stars however: after the meeting point the road is sandy and rocky so a high clearance vehicle and confident driving skills are needed.

If you need a transfer from CPT or Cape Town International Airport then let us know.

Please aim to check in before 2pm. On the last day the retreat ends at 11 am and you will be able to check out from 12pm onwards.

If you are flying back home: we recommend booking your flight after 6pm. Alternatively break your travel and stay in Clanwilliam before you head back. We recommend the Yellow Aloe guesthouse in Clanwilliam.

Everyone is welcome at all of our experiences regardless of meditation and yoga experience or fitness levels. We cater for different levels, so that you will be supported, challenged and encouraged to learn.

Our experiences are designed to be more intimate. We limit the number of guests to 6 – 10 people to ensure you receive full attention from the team.

Yes, we are very happy to welcome couples at this retreat.

Check out our Couples Retreat for an extra special experience with your partner.

English and Afrikaans are the most common languages in South Africa.

Rand (ZAR) is a local currency. Bank ATMs can be found at airport, within local banks branches and various stores.

Please check with your nearest South African embassy or consulate prior to travel. Visa requirements vary from country to country.

Bliss & Stars is on SAST time, which is 2 ahead of GMT. Check time in various time zones here.

The Bliss & Stars team can assist with any other travel arrangements, including transfers via vehicle or helicopter to and from Cape Town or Cape Town International Airport. Contact us and let us know what you need.

We serve healthy plant-based and vegetarian food using organic, local and seasonal ingredients. Meat, alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar are excluded from our food and beverage offering.

Our serene days are complemented by nutritious and delicious plant-based food prepared by our chefs.

The food is a highlight for guests and a key component of balancing the nervous system. It heightens your senses, grounds you in your body and connects you to the Earth.

We use ingredients sourced from our on-site organic garden and nearby local farms. Our menus are full of vegetables, grains, legumes and seeds. Alcohol, caffeine and processed sugars are excluded to aid the rejuvenation process.

Be it at the dining table or out in nature: meals are enjoyed in a communal setting with magnificent views either.

We cater to specific nutritional and dietary requirements including food allergies and food intolerances. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are always available.

We don’t cater to any lifestyle diets, e.g. Keto.

The nearest hospital is located in Clanwilliam which is a 90-minute drive from Bliss & Stars. 

No, there is no mobile coverage or WIFI available. There is a computer with guest access available in case of emergency and you will be provided with a phone number should you need to be reached while staying at Bliss & Stars.

Please arrive no later than 2pm and plan to leave no earlier than 12pm. Exact arrival and departure times can be arranged with us closer to the time. We ask that you leave by 5pm on the closing day

If you ask nicely. 😊

No. You can pace yourself to find the perfect amount of activity that suits you. We support you in doing as much or as little as you’d like, depending on how you are feeling. Personally, we wouldn’t want to miss a thing!

For the benefit of everyone: we ask that all participants commit to attending the entire retreat from beginning to end. Your wholehearted commitment supports those in your group and expresses respect for the retreat staff.

We unfortunately cannot accommodate disabled or mobility impaired people. Bliss & Stars is located in the Cederberg wilderness and the terrain doesn’t allow for such access.

Bliss & Stars is not conducive to children. We have a minimum age requirement of 21.

South Africa has a round 3 pin plug, for which you will need an adaptor when you travel in South Africa. At Bliss & Stars we have both South African and standard European plugs.

We love pets. We have 4 wonderful dogs. However, the nature of the experiences and place doesn’t allow for the guests to bring their four-legged friends.   

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