Bliss & Stars Retreat

ABOUT Bliss & Stars

Our mission is to guide people on how to slow down, take a breath, and meet their true selves as they are. Bliss & Stars’ philosophy is anchored in the belief that nothing outside of yourself is needed for you to live your best life – no special diet, no particular pose, no shiny crystal. All you need is what you already have.


In today’s world, we are constantly told there’s something wrong with us, and offered products intended to fix our problems. We believe that you are perfect as is, and that all you need to do to find inner peace is discover your true inner beauty and learn to live without fear through mind-opening and soul-enriching experiences.

We use nature, the night sky, movement, and mindfulness to help people discover their inner self and how it connects to the energy provided by nature. This includes daily activities and relaxing accommodation.

Bliss & Stars embraces the grandeur of nature with views of majestic rocky outcrops, vibrant wildlife, and the valleys of the Doring and Brandewyn Rivers.

BLISS & STARS: a journey of self-discovery

In the heart of the Cederberg mountains, far away from tarmac roads and mobile phone signals, there’s a place where the chaos and noise of the world fade away. Bliss & Stars isn’t just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary. Here, under a blanket of endless stars, transformation happens. Take Sarah. She’s a high-powered professional, always on the go. She came to Bliss & Stars feeling lost, overwhelmed, and disconnected from her body. She needed more than just a break; she needed a reset.

Morning meditations at Bliss & Stars are a return to self. They helped Sarah strip away the noise and find profound stillness. Breathwork sessions and somatic practices weren’t just exercises; they were intense, body-shaking releases. Every exhale let go of stress she didn’t know she was holding. Under the starlit sky, Sarah felt the vastness of the universe and her own place within it. Each moment was a step back to raw self-awareness and unfiltered peace. By the time Sarah left, she was not the same. Clarity and purpose had replaced confusion and fatigue. She learned not just to cope but to thrive, armed with tools to navigate the chaos of daily life. Sarah left Bliss & Stars transformed, not just rejuvenated.

Bliss & Stars is not about relaxation. It’s about facing your true self, breaking down barriers, and disrupting the hamster wheel that keeps us trapped in often harmful habits. Ready for a real journey? Your path to self-discovery starts here.


Our team is the heart of our transformative experience. Each member brings a unique blend of personal stories, expertise, and care. Our team is here to support and inspire you every step of the way.


Our commitment is not only to protect it but also to share our privileged experience with those who haven’t yet experienced all that nature has to offer.

We want to provide the healing properties of nature and mindfulness to all who seek it, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, we offer bursary programs.


We aim to create an environment where humans and nature coexist harmoniously. Therefore, Bliss & Stars is designed to protect nature for the benefit of all beings by being a completely self-sustaining retreat.

Our organic on-site produce, biodegradable skincare line, waste management systems, and solar energy allow our guests to respect and cherish the environment the same way the environment helps to heal and enlighten our guests.

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