Bliss & Stars Retreat


To offer the most suitable and affordable services, Bliss and Stars apply the following terms and conditions. By booking our journeys, workshops or coaching sessions, you state that you have read and agree with the following terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions updated on 15th March 2022


1.1. The registration for workshops, courses, and retreats is binding when you receive a confirmation email. In case of cancellation more than 35 days before the start of the retreat, 100% of the price is refunded. In case of cancellation less than 35 days before the retreat / course start, there is no refund.

1.2. Cancellations of coaching sessions by the Client must take place minimum of 12 hrs before the beginning of that session. Any sessions scheduled before 9 am have a cancellation fee of 100% if canceled after 8 pm the night before. Exceptions can be made and are at the discretion of Bliss & Stars and depend on circumstances.

1.3. Workshops, courses, retreats at discounted rates cannot be canceled. Rescheduling is possible if done with at least 10 days of notice. Exceptions can be made and are at the discretion of Bliss & Stars and depend on circumstances. Rescheduling is subject to availability.

1.4. Gift vouchers are not refundable.

1.5. All cancellation are only valid if in writing and sent to hello@blissandstars.com.

1.6. A 10% admin fee will be charged on any refunds.

1.6. COVID-19 exceptions:

1.6.1 We understand that these are very uncertain times. We reschedule your booking in case of Covid-19 diagnosis. In order to process the rescheduling please send email with positive Covid-19 test to hello@blissandstars.com.

1.6.2. In case of travel limitations imposed by the governments, we allow for rescheduling when the travel restrictions have been lifted. The credit is valid until end of 2023.

1.6.3. If Bliss & Stars needs to cancel the retreat due to COVID-19 issues, which would be because South Africa or the province we are in has locked down or there are less than 4 participants due to COVID-19 cancellations up to 7 days before the start of the retreat. In this case, rescheduling will be given (free of charge). This rescheduling can take place until end of 2023.

1.6.4. Rescheduling due to COVID-19 or any other reason. First rescheduling is complimentary. A flat rescheduling fee of R2,000 is charged for the second rescheduling. We don’t allow to reschedule more than two times.

1.6.5. Rescheduled retreats are non-refundable and can’t be changed.



2.1. For all retreats and dates, a 50% deposit is required to complete and secure your booking. You may book a retreat with a deposit (down payment) until 8 weeks prior to the retreat start date, after which full payment is required to secure your spot. The remaining balance of your retreat payment is due 6 weeks before the retreat begins. We will notify you of the balance due date after your deposit has been processed. If the final balance is not received by the due date, then your booking cannot be guaranteed and Bliss & Stars reserves the right to cancel your booking without refunding your deposit.

2.2. Please consult the pricing on the website for the most up to date prices.

2.3. Available payment methods: 

  • cash (in person coaching sessions only)
  • credit card (Visa or MasterCard) via Payfast
  • EFT (local or international), e.g. Payfast

2.4. The Client is solely responsible for the management of recurring payments.


3.1. Discounted rates for can be negotiated at Bliss & Stars discretion. Discounted rates have a separate cancellation policy (please see point 1.3.)

3.2. Discounted rates must be paid in advance for the retreats booked and are non-refundable unless canceled by Bliss & Stars without adequate provision of make-up classes or substitute.


4.1. The Copyright of Bliss and Stars brand and trademark lies solely with Bliss & Stars. The Client may not use the trademark without written consent from Bliss and Stars management.

4.2. All materials, images, exercises, videos, and any other content or media provided as part of Bliss and Stars courses, workshops, and coaching sessions are entirely for your personal use. They may not be shared, copied, resold or in any way sent to third parties, either for profit or for personal use. No other use of the materials or information is authorized. Any violation of this may result in civil and/or criminal liabilities.


5.1. All information shared by the Client during workshops, courses, retreats and coaching sessions are confidential, but Bliss & Stars is legally obligated to inform emergency services and/or other authorities should we believe you are in danger of harm, may harm yourself, or others; or are in a potentially illegal situation or engaging in unlawful activity.

5.2. All your data, including personal information, contact details, and payment details are and will remain confidential unless I am legally required to divulge this information by request, or you give Bliss & Stars explicit permission in writing to share it on your behalf.

5.3. Participating in mindfulness programs means you permit Bliss & Stars to refer anonymously to any of our breakthroughs or experiences in promotional material – e.g., when appearing on Facebook, or Instagram posts, to help other people who may be in similar situations. It will ALWAYS be entirely anonymous, and will never refer to any identifying features, e.g., name, location or relate to a specific circumstance. You may, at any time, withdraw this permission.


Bliss & Stars do not make any guarantees about your results and cannot guarantee a specific outcome, e.g. ‘a new, perfect partner by X date’ or a ‘no stress by the date we agreed.’ Personal results may vary depending on individual efforts, and an infinite number of external factors. Bliss & Stars will aim to provide you high level of service, helping you to get the most out of any program, but Bliss & Stars is not liable for any loss, damage or other expense you may incur as a direct or indirect result of coaching or other services used, especially where/if you have not followed the course as directed.

A Note on Mindfulness Coaching & Workshops Mindfulness. It is not therapy, counselling, or psychiatry. In a very brief summary, coaching can be a fantastic personal growth tool, but it is about now, being present, looking inside and ahead to better understand how to replace reactivity with responsiveness to everyday life events, rather than rehashing past and curing any traumas. Mindfulness programs may include some evaluations of the past and can produce positive results. However, mindfulness isn’t designed to evaluate, or fix, past events or trauma. Bliss & Stars reserve the right, at any time, to stop any mindfulness related process with the Client if we believe mindfulness is not suitable for the issues at hand. We may be able to suggest other treatment, but take no responsibility for any other service or recommendations after that. None of my methods, advice or systems should be taken to replace, or in any way officially support, any guidance or treatment plan set out by a qualified physician, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, therapist, or counselor.


The Client certifies that they are physically and mentally fit, and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional. They confirm that there are physical and mental health-related reasons or problems, which preclude their participation in this activity. The Client acknowledges that Bliss & Stars will use this Release of Liability Form and that it will govern their actions and responsibilities at all activities with Bliss & Stars By confirming the reservation of the activity, the Client hereby certifies that
they are over 18 years old, they have read this document and fully understand its content, they are aware that this is a release of liability and a contract and accept it of their own free will.

For general questions arising out of these Terms & Conditions, please contact 5