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Bliss & Stars isn’t just a retreat; it’s a rebirth. Set in the remote, raw, untamed beauty of the Cederberg, this sanctuary strips away the noise and chaos of modern life. Founded by Daria and Heine Rasmussen, who left the corporate grind to explore the meaning of life well-lived, Bliss & Stars blends the ancient wisdom of mindfulness with the awe of the cosmos, neuropsychology with astrophysics. It is a space where inner and outer space meet. Here, you find more than tranquility — you rediscover what truly matters to you with stars and nature as your guides, with gourmet food to nourish your body and senses, and practices to expand your body, mind and heart.

Ready for a transformation? Your journey starts here.

Bliss And Stars Retreat Cederberg South Africa

Bliss & STARS | The Valley infused with meaning and stillness

Nestled in nature with no distractions and full privacy, Bliss & Stars spans 1,350 ha in a valley at the banks of the Doring River in the breathtaking Cederberg Mountains, South Africa.

The off-the-grid space provides a wonderful setting to calm the mind, rejuvenate the body, and reconnect with nature and yourself during the 4-, 5- and 6-day long programs. And never more than 10 guests.

Bliss & Stars is not your usual retreat. It’s a space where guests are treated as friends. It’s a space to feel at home. It’s a space to transcend.


People come to Bliss & Stars to experience the ease of wellbeing. To slow down and transform for life. To reconnect with oneself and loved ones. To gain clarity and connect with nature and community. To rest and thrive.

Here you’ll find curated, intimate retreat experiences that will guide you to implement changes that lead to joy, energy, and peace in everyday life.

At Bliss & Stars: wellbeing transcends from something you dream into something you experience.

Daria Rasmussen And Heine Rasmussen Bliss And Stars Retreat Owners
Daria Rasmussen Owner And Mindfulness Teacher At Bliss Amp Stars


Our online courses are designed to bring calm, joy, and more appreciation into everyday life. This is your chance to explore and benefit from some of our best experiences in mindfulness, self-compassion and breathwork, in the comfort of your own home.
04 Mountain
Img 1766
Immerse yourself in a dazzling landscape and star-studded night skies.
Tahini Cauliflower
From breakfast to supper and fine dining experiences like no other: food plays a big, delicious and memorable part of each retreat.
Tibetan Singing Bowl
We guide you to embrace the beauty of the human experience as it is. We invite you to come home to yourself through meditation, breathwork and somatic practices.
Astronomy At With Heine Rasmussen Bliss And Stars
Look around you. Signs of the cosmos are everywhere, embodied in everything from vast galaxies to tiny snails. The cosmos is even deeply embedded in our DNA.
Bliss Amp Stars
Malini Naidoo
Absolute Bliss! Loved every minute of the beautiful experience
Bliss Amp Stars
Jacqui Smith
Honestly, if I could award Bliss and Stars a Michelin star or three I would. Everything is absolutely perfect. My whole body and mind were operating at 140km/ph when I arrived, but when I left on Sunday my whole nervous system had a reset and I was able to think clearly. Daria is the most incredible woman. The practices she shares and her ability to hold is space is something else. I could keep writing this review filled with descriptive adjectives but in reality you just have to go experience it for yourself to understand that one simply can not describe this place.
Bliss Amp Stars
Peta Johnson
These retreats absolutely have to be experienced to fully understand the profound effects. The surrounds, the night sky, the food, the people and most importantly the owners/facilitators, Heine and Daria. Words are futile when endeavouring to capture the essence and meaning behind it all... I stand in awe every time. Have been there 3 times and still long to go back again and again. Thank you Bliss & Stars team Thank you Heine and Daria
Bliss Amp Stars
Keshni Thathiah
Each moment at the magnificent Bliss and Stars was memorable, as I journeyed through the Softening retreat along with some incredible women. The most tranquil, uplifting and inspiring few days on what felt like a piece of heaven on earth.
Bliss Amp Stars
Carolin Bohnaker
I cant describe what i expiriened at this PLACE! From the nature, the calm, the kindness, the hosting, the FOOD!, the whole concept is just unique! Iam so glad, that i had the opportunity to give myself this break in the middle of the nature! If you are searching for a place where you really quite whta is going on in your mind and want to dive deeper into THE NOW, healing and your body - THIS IS IT! Thanks to all of the people i meet, thanks for all of you who holding the SPACE! It was an incredible time and i will definitly come back one day!!!!
Bliss Amp Stars
Marlene van Rooyen
My experience at Bliss and Stars has been one of the most physically challenging experiences I have ever had. Will I go back, absolutely yes. Being challenged in this way propelled me out of robot mode and connected me with myself, my body and the real me. I remembered who I was. I have so much respect and awe for what Daria and Heine created and offer to this world. Thank you for holding the space for me to be able to wake up.
Bliss Amp Stars
penny moche
To say Bliss & Stars is heavenly and celestial would be the understatement of the century… that’s how much more it is! The purity of nature, met by luxury and opulence is what my daughter and I experienced down in the valley. Truly one of the best decisions of my life! From the nature walks to the river with Daria, to the wonder dates under the night sky with Heine and the expertly and lovingly prepared food by chef Aphelele; the entire experience was nothing short of amazing 🤩! I struggle to even put into words the sheer brilliance and wonder of my experience and the benefits to my mind, body and soul…I honestly cannot remember the last time I was at so much peace and alignment! It truly feels like I’ve finally been able to take a long, deep and exhilarating breath after years of holding it and just being on auto pilot! I finally feel like I’m at one with myself again. 🥹💆🏾‍♀️ Thank you Daria, Heine and the rest of the Bliss & Stars family for lovingly guiding me back to myself.🌻🍃 A special shoutout to your fur babies Lulu, Maya, Kulula & Kuju… they were exceptional hosts too🥰 … when I tell you I can’t get Lulu’s face out of my mind the day she decided she was into sticks (all different types 🤣… she was all types of cute 🥹🫠)
Bliss Amp Stars
Fiona Moss
Forever grateful to have had the chance to experience this magical place. No words do justice to describe what Bliss and Stars did for my soul. Everything from the people, the setting, the food, the dogs (!!). Thank you for creating such a special place and for offering your special gifts to others.
Bliss Amp Stars
Alexander Schaller
Only to say: Unforgettable - unique!

No request is too big and no detail too small. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your perfect Bliss & Stars experience, before your journey to our beautiful oasis begins. Our variety of retreats cater to different interests and needs but if it’s a fully tailored and private group experience that you’re after: we also offer Private Retreats.

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We are located in Western Cape: 300 km north of Cape Town International Airport and 55 km north of Clanwilliam. You can reach us by car or helicopter. 

For all travel inquiries about how to reach Bliss & Stars please send your questions through the contact form. We are happy to help with your travel arrangements or questions on how to get here.

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