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At Bliss & Stars, we fuse nature, meditation, movement, food, and astronomy to guide you into presence and stillness. We curate experiences that inspire people to slow down, meet themselves as they are, and experience more joy and wholeness in life.

Bliss And Stars Retreat Cederberg South Africa

Bliss & STARS | The Valley infused with meaning and stillness

Nestled in nature with no distractions and full privacy, Bliss & Stars spans 1,350 ha in a valley at the banks of the Doring River in the breathtaking Cederberg Mountains, South Africa.

The off-the-grid space provides a wonderful setting to calm the mind, rejuvenate the body and reconnect with nature and yourself during the 4-day and 7-day long programs.

Bliss & Stars is not your usual retreat. It’s a space where guests are treated as friends. It’s a space to feel at home. It’s a space to transcend.


People come to Bliss & Stars to experience the ease of wellbeing. To slow down and transform for life. To reconnect with oneself and loved ones. To gain clarity and connect with nature and community. To rest and thrive.

Here you’ll find curated retreat experiences that will guide you to implement changes that lead to joy, energy, and peace in everyday life.

At Bliss & Stars: wellbeing transcends from something you dream into something you experience.
Daria Rasmussen And Heine Rasmussen Bliss And Stars Retreat Owners
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Our online courses are designed to bring calm, joy, and more appreciation into everyday life. This is your chance to explore and benefit from some of our best experiences in mindfulness, self-compassion and breathwork, in the comfort of your own home.
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Immerse yourself in a dazzling landscape and star-studded night skies. Explore the natural wilderness around you. Watch the moon rise from your terrace, stargaze from your hammock, and explore galaxies with South Africa’s largest private astronomical telescope. Take a hike following the same routes of the KhoiSan bushmen, experience human history through cave paintings, or just float along the river and tune into the sounds of nature.

Tahini Cauliflower
From breakfast to supper and fine dining experiences like no other: food plays a big, delicious and memorable part of each retreat.

From Astronomy to Gastronomy and every beautiful thing in between – we believe food is an incredible way to connect with the natural world as well as ourselves.
Our kitchen maestros Aphelele and Aya will elevate your stay with big flavours, fresh ingredients and a culinary adventure or three.
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We honor the well-being of the body, mind, and heart. Meditation, movement, food, and nature are the ways to connect to ourselves and the universe.

We guide you to embrace the beauty of the human experience as it is. We invite you to come home to yourself and nature.

Astronomy At With Heine Rasmussen Bliss And Stars

Look around you. Signs of the cosmos are everywhere, embodied in everything from vast galaxies to tiny snails. The cosmos is even deeply embedded in our DNA.

We invite you to tell your tales of the night sky and rediscover your origins.

I had the most gentle, healing and inspiring retreat. I expected a lot and my expectations were exceeded to the max. Gorgeous design everywhere, delicious healthy food, super comfortable accommodation, and wise and expansive personal growth guidance from Daria and Heine. Plus fun conversations, river swims and connection with other gorgeous humans in an exquisitely beautiful natural environment. Planning a return asap!
Desire Stargazing

No request is too big and no detail too small. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your perfect Bliss & Stars experience, before your journey to our beautiful oasis begins. Our variety of retreats cater to different interests and needs but if it’s a fully tailored and private group experience that you’re after: we also offer Private Retreats.

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We are located in Western Cape: 300 km north of Cape Town International Airport and 55 km north of Clanwilliam. You can reach us by car or helicopter. 

For all travel inquiries about how to reach Bliss & Stars please send your questions through the contact form. We are happy to help with your travel arrangements or questions on how to get here.

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