Bliss & Stars Retreat


In South Africa’s secluded Cederberg region, the Bliss & Stars retreat offers a unique escape into nature.

Surrounded by the area’s iconic rock formations, native fynbos flora, and ancient boulders, it stands as a serene haven. This retreat is designed for those seeking to disconnect from city life and reconnect with the natural world.

Bliss & Stars is not just about location; it’s an experience of tranquility and community.

Guests here can participate in outdoor meditation and unforgettable stargazing sessions, embracing the stunning natural beauty that defines the Cederberg region.


At Bliss & Stars, the wildlife is as varied as the landscape itself. From the majestic Fish Eagle and Black Eagle soaring in the sky to the smaller, vibrant Cape Sugarbird and Orange-breasted Sunbird among the fynbos, each bird plays a role in the symphony of life here.

The elusive Cape Leopard, a smaller version of its savannah relatives, roams the rugged terrain, a silent guardian of this wild land. The underbrush is home to unique creatures like the Elephant Shroo Chameleon and the rare Tortoise, adding to the area’s rich biodiversity.

As the sun sets, the nocturnal life awakens. The Bat-eared Fox and Aardvark start their nightly forage, and the Owl takes to the moonlit sky, a masterful predator.

Among these diverse inhabitants, the Chacma Baboons are a common sight. These intelligent primates navigate the cliffs and valley of Bliss & Stars with ease, their social dynamics and interactions a fascinating aspect to observe.

Each species in Cederberg, from the soaring eagles to the social baboons, contributes to the unique and delicate balance of this ecosystem.

This wilderness is a living, breathing community where every creature, large and small, plays a vital role in the ongoing dance of nature.


Here at Bliss & Stars, ancient rock art stands as a silent testament to the area’s rich cultural history. These rock paintings, created by the San people thousands of years ago, are scattered throughout the rugged sandstone formations.

Depicting scenes of hunting, animals, and daily life, they offer a window into the lives and beliefs of these early inhabitants.

The art, characterized by its use of natural pigments and simplistic yet expressive style, not only adds a unique historical dimension to the Cederberg’s natural beauty but also serves as an invaluable heritage site, preserving the legacy of one of the oldest cultures in southern Africa.
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