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At Bliss & Stars, we fuse nature, meditation, movement, food, and astronomy to guide you into presence and stillness. We curate experiences that inspire people to slow down, meet themselves as they are, and experience more joy and wholeness in life.

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Bliss & STARS | The Valley infused with meaning and stillness

Nestled in nature with no distractions and full privacy, Bliss & Stars spans 1,350 ha in a valley at the banks of the Doring River in the breathtaking Cederberg Mountains, South Africa.

The off-the-grid space provides a wonderful setting to calm the mind, rejuvenate the body and reconnect with nature and yourself during the 4-day and 7-day long programs.

Bliss & Stars is not your usual retreat. It’s a space where guests are treated as friends. It’s a space to feel at home. It’s a space to transcend.


People come to Bliss & Stars to experience the ease of wellbeing. To slow down and transform for life. To reconnect with oneself and loved ones. To gain clarity and connect with nature and community. To rest and thrive.

Here you’ll find curated retreat experiences that will guide you to implement changes that lead to joy, energy, and peace in everyday life.

At Bliss & Stars: wellbeing transcends from something you dream into something you experience.
Daria Rasmussen And Heine Rasmussen Bliss And Stars Retreat Owners
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COME AS YOU AREWe take care of the rest
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Immerse yourself in a dazzling landscape and star-studded night skies. Explore the natural wilderness around you. Watch the moon rise from your terrace, stargaze from your hammock, and explore galaxies with South Africa’s largest private astronomical telescope. Take a hike following the same routes of the KhoiSan bushmen, experience human history through cave paintings, or just float along the river and tune into the sounds of nature.

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We honor the well-being of the body, mind, and heart. Meditation, movement, food, and nature are the ways to connect to ourselves and the universe.

We guide you to embrace the beauty of the human experience as it is. We invite you to come home to yourself and nature.

Astronomy At With Heine Rasmussen Bliss And Stars

Look around you. Signs of the cosmos are everywhere, embodied in everything from vast galaxies to tiny snails. The cosmos is even deeply embedded in our DNA.

We invite you to tell your tales of the night sky and rediscover your origins.

Woman Facing The Waterfall
"Dearest Daria, Thank you for the email and the link to the photos, they are a beautiful reminder of such an incredibly special weekend. Thank you for having us, I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I arrived, it took me two days just to “gather myself” and to fully embrace the silence, fresh air, and to spend time with my thoughts and being. I wasn’t sure what to expect yet it was exactly what both myself and Theo needed. Please give Heine our love and appreciation, his warm smile and friendly hug just bowled us over and I instantly felt home and welcome. Thank you for your calm presence, your special being, and for sharing who you are with us, I truly enjoyed the meditation sessions and would love to spend more time with you. I will come back, that's a promise. Also a huge thanks to your team that looked after us and made sure that the experience was truly memorable."
Didrik Fjeldstad
"Fortunate to have visited this unique place on Earth. Like most things, it starts with the people. The founders and people - even the animals - at Bliss & Stars are the most caring, generous, knowledgable and open people you'll meet. They have a profound respect for the nature and local community, they are welcoming and service minded in a way that makes you feel special and they accommodate your stay so it feels tailor-made."
Didrik Fjeldstad
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"Words can simply not express how much positivity and energy the retreat has given me. Everything came as an awesome surprise! All the big and small connections were an absolute blessing. So it is with deep gratitude to yourself and Heine, plus the entire team ... for the most unforgettable experience. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Still, in awe of the wonderful treasures, we saw above us, in our universal home. "
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"I have stayed at Bliss and Stars twice. As someone that has travelled extensively in South Africa and elsewhere (I am from Colombia, but now based in Cape Town) I can only recommend this as a treasure. It is remote, yet accessible, peaceful, filled with beautiful nature and managed by two caring, interesting and lovely people! They have made this rough space into a comfortable, beautiful and tastefully decorated comfortable oasis in the Cederberg mountains. It doesn’t matter if you are into nature, into astronomy, into science or into meditation, it is the perfect place to retreat into the joy of nature and to explore some truly ancient South African spots. I hope to come back very soon and stay as long as possible."
Diana Sanchez Betancourt
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to rest my body and mind and allow me to share in your dream. I had the most amazing experience, the warmth, and love I felt in your presence was a delight to my spirit. It was a privilege to explore myself, your piece of earth, and the universe with you. I have not been this relaxed in a very long time."
Nandus P.
"You have been on my mind so much. I only just got back home yesterday and I haven’t turned my computer on in over a week, which has been deliberate and good after the experience with you. I truly cannot thank you both enough for the opportunity you have afforded me to come to Bliss and Stars and experience your incredible energy, wilderness heaven, and the divine blissfulness that your magnificent property holds. It’s quite literally out of this world. It’s hard to retrospectively articulate what it is I feel, as I kind of feel in limbo. What I came to get (clarity/solitude) and what I got was different and essential as well as deeply moving, wondrous, and magical. I reckon you could do a 7 day quite easily with profound results. I hope to come back soon. Thanks for the magnificent pictures! What a night and sky. Who knew meditation on hydrogen and atoms could be so moving and emotional…( Heine obviously 🙂 ) Yes, we see you when we see you… but please stay in touch."

No request is too big and no detail too small. We are here to assist you with any request and help you perfectly plan your Bliss & Stars experience before your journey even begins. If you need a private retreat, tailored to your needs, we offer that as well at request.

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