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The Loss of Darkness

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Imagine losing the ability to dream. It’s a scary thought because it is already happening and impacting large parts of the global population.
This imminent threat doesn’t lurk in the darkness as it’s light itself causing the problem.
I’m talking about light pollution and the loss of the natural night sky.

Due to increasing urbanization and poor light management, fewer and fewer people have experienced the magic of the Milky Way crossing the starlight sky. Currently, it is estimated 83% of the world population is living under light-polluted skies.

The stars are a big part of our history. Virtually all civilizations have been inspired by the night sky, using the stars to tell their stories from generation to generation. The stars have guided farmers when to seed and harvest and directing sailors to reach their shores.

Limiting light pollution and preserving natural darkness has several benefits important to all of us.The light pollution is interfering our hormonal balance and sleep patterns increasing our risk of developing health issues and depression, impacting our physical and mental wellbeing.
Wildlife and ecosystems suffer greatly from the increasing light pollution, as both animals and plants survival and reproduction is harmed with the loss of night.

The aspect of saving energy when limiting light pollution is a nice bonus and should be taken seriously by every town planner and government.

It shouldn’t be a privilege for future generations to experience the awe of the night sky. It’s our responsibility to turn off the lights, look up and let the dreams live.

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