Bliss & Stars Retreat

Pause and Be Still

Woman Meditating In Nature At Bliss And Stars Wilderness Retreat
Can you imagine being quiet for 3 days? And by quiet, I don’t only mean not speaking but being just with oneself, with no stimuli from the outside world. No phone, no mail, no computer, no books, no newspapers. Just quiet.

Here at Bliss and Stars, we run silent retreats every month. Those of you who know me, know our silent retreats are my favorites. I am very passionate about silence and the impact it has on us.

Silence is a scarcity in our modern lives. Every moment we have, we fill it with something. And it has big consequences for us. The first is that we lose contact with ourselves. We no longer know how we are feeling, we lose clarity, and we become unable to make the necessary decisions for us to follow the right path, to be true to ourselves.

When we lose contact with ourselves, we also lose contact with our loved ones. We lose the access to wisdom and creativity we all have and which arises when we are still and quiet. When we have time and space to just sit and look into the blue air.

During silent retreats, there is a lot of time to just sit and just be, watching the clouds pass by, and listening to birdsong. There is also time for meditation and awaken attention. Meditation and meditative presence are a great opportunity to reconnect with oneself and discover what is really important for you in your life. To help you walk in the direction you need to embrace who you are.

On the arrival, most of the people feel very alone and slightly frightened as they are not used to being around people and not talking, they are not used to being disconnected or stimulated. There is a slight fear of the unknown as we step into the silence that may seem so foreign.

But what’s wonderful is that, by the end of the retreat, everyone has a feeling of belonging not only to the group of people you shared the silent retreat with but also to the world.
There is a sense of rebuilt trust in life and the resources we have to live meaningful lives. Trust that everything is ok as is.

So, if you feel like it, join me on the upcoming silent retreat. But first and foremost, I would like to invite you to be still next time you have a moment when you have nothing to do, to use this moment and just be. Let your phone be in your pocket, turn off the music, put away the book, and turn your attention inwards. Notice your breath, and listen to the sounds present around you without any goal or reason to do so. Give yourself permission to just be…

Have a great and calm day.

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