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Welcome to Mindfulness for a Better Life: a six-week course with Daria Rasmussen designed to help you understand and utilize the power of your thoughts to restructure your brain; giving you the opportunity to create lasting change and healthy habits.

Did you know that everything we do creates connections within the network of our brain? “What fires, wires” . . . the more we repeat something, the stronger that connection becomes.

These connections control our reactions and behaviors and can have a significant impact on our overall well-being.

Through mindfulness meditation, you can harness the power of your thoughts to create changes in the structure of your brain. This can lead to improved stress management, the ability to deal more skillfully with emotions and situations, improved well-being, creativity, and focus, as well as improved interpersonal relationships.
"I can only thank you Daria for being such an amazing teacher. You are an inspiration to me and I loved spending time with you each week. Thank you for sharing your kindness and wisdom. It's an honour to be your student!"
Desiree T.
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Embrace a New Way of Living

In this self-paced course, you will learn how to reduce stress and increase happiness by gaining a better understanding of the mind and exploring the causes of stress and suffering.

We’ll focus on the development of a healthier relationship with your thoughts and emotions, and you will learn how to reconnect your body and mind through meditation and gentle mindful movement practices.

The impact of this mindfulness program depends on your commitment to daily practice (at least 30 minutes per day) as you progress through the course.

By consistently incorporating mindfulness into your daily life, you can create lasting change and establish healthy habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

Get access to pre-recorded video teachings and guided practices. There are a total of 18 classes in this program. Each class is about one hour long, including teachings and guided practices.

The course includes video teachings, experiential activities, a handbook, and lifetime access to the course material, so you can engage with the program at your own pace and on your own schedule.


This six-week mindfulness program is open to everyone, regardless of their prior experience with meditation or mindfulness.

It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators who want to refresh their practice and for anyone looking to reduce stress, anxiety, or destructive behaviors, and to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

COurse Outline

Week 1: The Essence of Mindfulness
  • Introduction to mindfulness and its benefits
  • Understanding the mind and the brain’s negativity bias
  • Exploring the causes of stress and suffering
  • Developing a healthier relationship with thoughts and emotions

Week 2: Mindfulness Practices
  • Deepening your mindfulness practice through various techniques
  • Coming back to the body
  • Cultivating self-compassion and a sense of being on your own side
  • Recognizing and honoring deep needs

Week 3: Mindfulness in Daily Life
  • Integrating mindfulness into everyday activities
  • Using mindfulness to manage stress and emotions
  • Staying in a state of calm and balance
  • Healing old wounds and filling inner voids with new experiences

Week 4: Cultivating Inner Strengths
  • Developing the inner resources you need most
  • Managing threats with calm strength
  • Reducing anxiety and finding peace and contentment

Week 5: Achieving Greater Contentment
  • Feeling authentically successful at more things
  • Maintaining motivation and pursuing big goals without stress
  • Increasing gratitude and joy in daily life

Week 6: Building Stronger Connections
  • Boosting self-worth and self-acceptance
  • Releasing envy and resentment
  • Combining compassion and openness in relationships

Mindfulness for everyone

At Bliss & Stars, we believe in the power of mindfulness to bring about positive change, clarity, and inner peace.

We also understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and we don’t want finances to be a barrier for anyone who seeks this transformative journey.

For those who may find the cost of our course challenging, we’re delighted to introduce our bursary program. This initiative is designed to provide financial assistance, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to embrace mindfulness, regardless of their financial situation.

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