Bliss & Stars Retreat


We serve meals prepared with ingredients sourced from our garden and neighboring farms.

Each day offers an incredible fine dining experience, brunch, and afternoon snacks.

The food will heighten your senses, ground you in your body, and connect you to the Earth.
Chia Pudding


Soaked rooibos oats with yoghurt, salted caramel and stone fruit

Herbed fritters on a base of silky black bean hummus served with grilled aubergine; a turmeric dressing and mint oil

afternoon snack

Watermelon; mint and coconut slushies

Crystal wraps with soy dipping sauce
crystal wraps plate
Flowery Salad


Rose and rooibos sparkling ice-tea

Tomato and salty lettuce salad served on a pea and mint puree with pomegranates; beet puree; nasturtiums, dill and fennel, and caramelized nut/tempura veggies with tomato concasse; Saturn mayo and chimichurri

Silky cauliflower puree with charred cauliflower, sultanas, and dukkah spice

Roasted and pickled beet salad with peppered goats cheese, beet puree, dill, red onion/Hasselback beets with cannellini puree and salsa

Butter bean and truffle puree with slow-roasted aubergine; beet crisps and fennel flowers served with a herbed rice salad with caramelized onions, hazelnuts, and raisins.

Peanut ice cream with apple; fried banana bread; orange and miso caramel and meringue
04 Mountain

Come as you areWe take care of the rest

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