Bliss & Stars Retreat


We serve meals prepared with ingredients sourced from our garden and neighboring farms.

Each day offers an incredible fine dining experience, brunch, and afternoon snacks.

The food will heighten your senses, ground you in your body, and connect you to the Earth.


Warm spiced pumpkin porridge

Sesame and avocado courted egg served on the bed sauerkraut and herb oil

Earthy spinach flapjacks with blueberry compote and coconut yogurt served with mushroom latte

afternoon snack

Roasted beetroot and citrus salad

Green bean cakes with harissa paste and macadamia nut puree

Hummus Dish Prepared By Aphelele Dlungane
Tahini Cauliflower


Braised leeks with macadamia puree and parsley sauce

Coconut bake potato and beetroot tarter, served with aoli

Green pea risotto with nutty sprinkle

Choco-avo mousse served with berry coulis and crumble

04 Mountain

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