Bliss & Stars Retreat


Our creative plant-based cuisine is inspired by nature and it’s designed to nourish you from the inside out. Food is one of the key ingredients of our approach to a life well-lived. We are passionate about offering wholesome, nutritious, and unexpected meals. They are meant to fuel your day and nurture the deep connection between body & mind.

We cater to all dietary requirements.


At Bliss & Stars, the menu mirrors the natural environment. We celebrate high-quality ingredients sourced from the surrounding farms. We make everything ourselves and align the menus to what is available in our vegetable tunnels on the farm.

We also know how important food is. Because a healthy gut promotes wellbeing. The human gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells and directly communicates with the brain, influencing our mood and wellbeing. In fact, 90% of the body’s serotonin that’s responsible for the regulation of mood, digestion, and sexual function is made in the digestive tract!

We source the food from our organic garden and local farmers. Our rotating, seasonal menus and interactive cooking not only provide a delightful culinary experience but also energize and cleanse the body and mind.


Dining at Bliss & Stars is a journey in which all the senses intervene.

Our food ignites awe, pushes people out of their comfort zone all while reconnecting them with the natural environment around them.

Simple yet elevated.
Food At Bliss Amp Stars


When was the last time you’ve caught your dinner or picked your salad?

Foraging creates a bond between humans, nature, and food. We take you on a journey to gather your food, learn about plants, delight your taste buds, and foster a connection between people and nature.


Meals are an important part of the stay at Bliss & Stars. It’s not only because of the importance of nutrition but because of the importance of sharing food and time with the people who come together to exchange ideas and get inspired.
Our clear goal is to work consciously towards reducing food waste, reduce our CO2 footprint, reduce the consumption of energy and work consciously with waste management for the benefit of nature.

We have a waste separation program implemented; we divide our waste into organic and non-organic. We turn organic waste into compost for our garden or food for our chickens.

We separate glass and cardboard and we deliver them to a local recycling site. We also minimize the use of plastic packaging in the food we buy. We prepare very delicious food that our guests want to eat and even lick the plates. We are absolutely serious. Leftovers from the plates and preparation process are being offered to staff.

Training of staff is essential – all our employees are being taught how to reduce waste by using the right tools and techniques.

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