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Our talented chefs live, talk and breathe food.

They share a profound passion for food as a social glue and nourishment for the mind, soul and body.

They love experimenting, trying out new flavors, and developing new delicious plant-based and vegetarian dishes using ingredients sourced from our onsite organic garden and nearby local farms. 

aphelele dlungane

I came from humble beginnings being raised by a single working mother. I spent most of my time in my grandmother’s kitchen where she was constantly cooking up new dishes from her homeland in Eastern Cape) in order to feed a family of 12 every night.

I started to help her and soon developed a love for the different techniques, rolling out soft pastry dough, and preparing the spices used to marinate all her vegetables and meats. I saw first-hand how food brings people together. My position as a chef at Bliss and Stars reflects my dedication to nourishing food as well as my heritage.

I graduated from Cape Town Hotel School in 2012 with a diploma in professional cookery. I then started working as a commis chef at the Table Bay Hotel. The skills I gained allowed me to take part in competitions like the Inter Hotel Challenge, Unilever competition, and Chain des Rôtisseur.

After leaving the Table Bay Hotel, I joined Round House, a fine dining restaurant, and worked at other establishments before working as a private chef. At the same time, I was appearing on the television show Afternoon Express for their cooking segments.

In 2017, I was selected to join the South African Culinary Team representing the country.

I love experimenting with molecular gastronomy, trying out new flavors, and developing new plant-based dishes.
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