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Moving at a Human Pace

Move At A Human Pace

The first three months of the year flew by, filled with simple acts that grounded me: preparing cacao, meditating, walking the dogs, and swimming in the river. These moments anchored me amidst the bustling life at Bliss & Stars.

Running this retreat plunges me into deep waters daily, with a constant mix of challenges—from arranging spaces to connecting with diverse guests. It’s a perpetual balance of addressing immediate needs while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Despite our tranquil environment, diving into daily duties can whirl me into a frenzy of activities, quickly shifting from peaceful mornings to bustling days. This contrast reminded me of the Zen parable of the “Empty Boat,” where a man braces for collision with a boat that turns out to be empty, realizing his anger was unnecessary and self-directed. This story inspires me to meet each situation with clarity and awareness, avoiding knee-jerk reactions and bias.

As the world rushes forward, I choose to slow down, running not just a retreat, but nurturing a sanctuary where everyone can pause, breathe deeply, and connect meaningfully with the present. This deliberate pace isn’t just about managing the retreat; it’s about fostering an environment where reflection and connection thrive, helping everyone find their grounding in a fast-paced world.

What does moving at “human speed” mean to you in your daily life? How might it change how you navigate your responsibilities and interactions? I’d love to hear your thoughts, though I can’t respond to each one—just another aspect of moving at human pace.

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