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New Year, new endings, new beginnings

We have 4 new retreats launching in January, each offering you a pause from the rush of daily life and a peaceful space to reconnect with your inner self. These retreats aren’t just vacations – they are meaningful journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. It’s about starting the New Year with renewed energy, clear focus, and a revitalized heart.

These retreats are an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s experiences and lessons while setting clear intentions for the year ahead. We use activities like meditation, somatic therapy, journaling, breathwork, and nature walks to nurture your body, mind and heart.

In the welcoming and supportive environment of our retreats: you’ll find space to let go of old habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. You can build the foundations for new patterns of thought and behavior that align with your intentions.

Everything from the delicious plant-based meals to the stargazing sessions is designed to deepen your understanding of yourself and your connection with the universe.

Daria & Heine, I have needed the time to put my thoughts onto this figurative paper because it is so difficult to truly comprehend how you have impacted my life in just a short 4 days.

I have never met two more pure and beautiful souls who seek to leave this world in a far better place than when they found it. From the beautiful land to the homes and beds we lay in, to the food our eyes and tummies feasted on, every single thing was spectacular. The practices and deep sharing we had together are something that has profoundly changed me and I am going to endeavor to keep making time for focusing on myself, each and every day!

I have started both yesterday and today, sipping on my tea mindfully and dancing - I am finding my own tribal music, but would still love your playlist just to take me back "home" when I feel like I am drifting too far away.

A big thank you to the rest of the team that made every moment of this trip so incredible. Each and every one of them is so special and has touched my soul.

Heine - you are so incredibly bright and wholesome. Daria, you are my soul sister from another life, I just know it, the way I connected with you and could feel your soul was just life-changing and I cannot thank you enough for being who you are!

Already planning my next retreat and sending you all so so much love!
The Powerof Silence
Woman Meditating


Freedom to let go | 2 – 7 JAN 2024
Bloom And Glow


A Journey of Mindfulness | 18 – 21 JAN 2024
Star Meditation At Bliss And Stars Retreat


Storytelling, Stargazing and Gastronomy | 11 – 14 JAN 2024
Energize And Evolve With Free Flow Movement


Free flow into the new beginnings | 25 – 28 JAN 2024

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