Bliss & Stars Wilderness Retreat



We’re looking forward to our time together at Bliss & Stars. Taking time to reconnect with your body, heart and nature can be one of the most rewarding experiences for your health and well-being. It can simply jump start a new way of being in the world.
Preparing For The Retreat
Preparing For The Retreat

Essential Preparation

Following these guidelines will greatly improve your experience.

We encourage you to refrain from caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol at least 3 days prior to your arrival. Doing so will greatly reduce potential symptoms of detox (e.g. headaches etc).


To assist you in getting the most from your Rest & Thrive retreat please do not bring any of the following:

Tobacco products. We are a non-smoking retreat.

Food, including sweets, snacks, or gum.

Beverages; including all alcoholic beverages.

Mobile devices are not allowed in shared spaces. There is no wifi or mobile coverage on the premises.


Our dress code is always casual and dictated by the weather. The area is known for very hot weather and dry air, so pack accordingly. We encourage you to pack light. We have laundry facilities, so you can always wash your clothes if needed.

Long sleeve cotton/linen shirts and pants to protect from the sun while outside.

Sweatshirts, sweater or similar for colder nights and early mornings.

Yoga/exercise clothing – whatever you normally wear.

Comfortable hiking boots.

Hats for sun protection, sunglasses, sunscreen & insect repellent.


Daily Flow at the Retreat

Example how a day can look like:

6.30am Sunrise meditation | Medicine walk
8.30am Energising breakfast
9.30am Own time
11am Mindfulness practice
1pm Nutritious lunch
2pm Siesta
3.30pm Nature immersion
5pm Yoga Nidra | Relaxation Techniques
7pm Dinner
9.30pm Stargazing Session
11pm Good night
Preparing For The Retreat
Preparing For The Retreat


We’re remote and it’s a journey to get to Bliss & Stars.

Regardless of where you come from, drive to Clanwilliam.

Route from Clanwilliam.

NOTE: Don’t use GPS to get to the meeting point. It will take you on a detour.

Please follow the driving instructions below.

At N7 take the Clanwilliam exit. Turn right towards Clanwilliam at the T-junction.
Continue straight past Caltex and Shell (last gas station) and drive out of town.
A few km out of town turn left towards Klawer. This paved road turns into gravel. Continue straight. Turn right just after a campsite at the banks of the river and follow the road up the mountain pass.
Drive past Bushmans Cave.
Turn left at the foot of the mountain pass at the sign ‘Doring River Rafting’ and ‘Papkuilsfontain. Follow the road.
Stop at the big aloe in the old tire. That’s our meeting point.

If you have suitable high clearance vehicle, you can continue. Turn right at the aloe.
You will see the veggie tunnel on your right and the house on your left.

Keep left 300 meters after you passed the house.
After another 300 meters, you reach a farm gate with a white warning sign.
Go through the gate and turn immediately right and drive along the fence line. Follow the road. On the top of the road, you will see a red container past the little koppie.

That is Bliss & Stars farm gate.

The road from our farm gate to the main house.
Continue up the hairpin at the red container. Keep right when you reach the top.
Basically stay on the most traveled road. Turn right after the steep descend with the spectacular view of the river.
Keep left at the junction with the big line of rocks in the middle.
You have arrived.

Don’t worry. We’ll send you directions to your phone.

Preparing For The Retreat

Emergency Numbers

There is no mobile coverage and no access to Wi-fi for guests at Bliss & Stars. However, in case your family & friends have to reach you, here are the phone numbers, WhatsApp only:

+27 (0)71 720 5183
+27 (0)78 640 1549