Bliss & Stars Retreat



9TH AUG 2022 | WED 15.00-18.00


Self-criticism sabotages us and produces a variety of negative consequences. When we respond without judgment or self-blame to our imperfections we make essential steps on the path to wellbeing.

Self-compassion skills help us to grow resilience and be kind and supportive toward ourselves rather than being critical and judgmental.
Befriending oneself allows us to feel connected in times of distress and suffering, rather than feeling isolated and alone.

Press the pause button and experience two and half hours of grounding in compassion with this FREE online masterclass.

You’ll learn new tools you can use to start cultivating self-compassion every day, no matter what comes your way.

No previous experience is required.
Join us to start your exploration of being your own friend.

The topics we'll cover

  • what self-compassion is and isn’t
  • learning to treat yourself with the same kindness & care as you’d show to a good friend
  • meditative practices on self-compassion 
  • simple tools for giving yourself the support you need whenever you need
  • sharing and question

Your GUIDE - Daria

certified mindfulness teacher and MA sociology

For many years, I was pretty bad at being friendly to myself.

I held myself to unreasonable standards, I beat myself up for failing, or for choosing the fries over the salad. I spent years telling myself that if I didn’t meet certain external standards, I wasn’t good enough and not worthy.

Befriending myself was a turning point in my life and career. It allowed me to see with more clarity what I needed, it helped me to understand whose voice was the inner critic voice, and led me to the life-changing decision of quitting my career in the corporate world to live the life that brought me joy and fulfilment.

I am delighted to share my experience and insights from over a decade long practice.


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