Bliss & Stars Retreat



13TH SEP – 8TH NOV 2022 | TUE 5.30 – 8 PM


Mindfulness SIT is Bliss & Stars’ online training with Daria Rasmussen to help you grow inner strengths such as grit, resilience, and compassion, so you can build a core inside yourself that remains unshaken no matter what life throws at you.

Using teachings of mindfulness and the science of neuroplasticity, we can override the brain’s negative tendencies and tap the hidden power of everyday experiences to build new neural structures that promote contentment, love, confidence, and inner peace.

Mindfulness is one of the most potent ways for personal development. A way to discover who you are, gain direct access to experience the full potential of life and its powerful resources.

Desiree T.

"I can only thank you Daria for being such an amazing teacher. You are an inspiration to me and I loved spending time with you each week. Thank you for sharing your kindness and wisdom. It's an honour to be your student!"


  • Decreased stress levels and better stress management
  • Being at ease with yourself and others
  • Ability to maintain the mental and emotional balance in difficult situations
  • Greater well-being, including improved quality of sleep
  • Improved memory and focus

The success of the program depends on your commitment to a personal daily practice (at least 30 minutes daily) between classes.


This course is tailored to meet the specific needs of participants and offers step-by-step guidance to learn the nuts and bolts of Mindfulness.

It’ll also help to integrate mindfulness as part of everyday life so that you can harvest the effects for the rest of your life.

In this course, you will learn to reduce your stress and gain more happiness by:

  • Understanding the mind
  • Exploring the causes of stress and suffering
  • Developing a healthier relationship with your thoughts and emotions
  • Reconnecting body and mind


This nine-week program is open to all, regardless of your previous experience with meditation or mindfulness.

The training is appropriate for anyone:
  • who feels stressed
  • who is troubled by anxiety
  • caught in repetitive destructive behaviors
  • who’d like to live a more joyful and fulfilling life
Mindfulness SIT is suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators who want to refresh the fundamentals of their practice.

how does it work?

The training lasts for 9 weeks. We meet once a week for 2.5 hours and one day of guided silence (7h) via ZOOM.

Throughout the course, there will be meditation practices, gentle movement, dialog, and various group exercises.

There are 8 weekly classes on Tuesday evenings from 5.30 pm – 8 pm beginning from September 13th to November 8th, 2022.

A day of guided silence will take place on 30th October 2022

The total investment of R4,000 includes:

  • 9 online meetings (8 weekly 2.5-hour meetings plus one all-day 6-hour practice day in silence)
  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Gentle stretching and mindful movement
  • Group dialogue and discussions aimed focused on bringing more awareness into everyday life
  • Daily home assignments
  • Downloadable home practice audio files and a practice workbook
  • Personalized support
  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions

COurse Outline

Week 1: Coming to our senses.

The first week will introduce mindfulness and some exercises that are intended to make us much more aware of what is going on in our bodies. The intention is to start to move away from the automatic pilot, where we are driven by our inner thoughts and feelings and to become more in touch with the world around us.

Week 2: Exploring our edges, and coming home to our bodies

By being more in touch with our body and feelings, and noticing how we react, we can start to take a little more control. Our natural tendency to challenge is the “fight or flight” response. That might have worked well in more primitive times, but in modern times the tendency is to contain our reactions which creates stress. In this session, we start to explore the edges that we have and understand a little more about how our reactions are.

Week 3: Being present.

Staying in the present moment and not getting lost in thoughts or daydreams is an important skill to practice. This session looks at meditation practices that can be long or short. There will also be some mindful movement practices that help us to gently wake up to our bodies.

Week 4: What is stress? Dealing skilfully with emotional over-arousal.

In this session, we look at how we respond to stress. Stress is not just caused by the events in our lives, but also in the way we deal with them. Different people respond to the same events in different ways. By now we will have explored some useful tools, and now we will see how they can be applied.

Week 5: Being with difficult emotions.

Life is a game of snakes and ladders, but if there are too many snakes and not enough ladders it can be a tedious game. We often pile pressure on ourselves and forget to relieve that pressure. We can do that until we come to a breaking point. This session looks at how we can mindfully rebalance our lives and meet painful experiences with more spaciousness.

Week 6: Our storytelling minds.

This session looks at how we can transfer the skills we develop in practices such as meditation into daily life and deal more effectively with difficult situations and our inner critic. By bringing greater awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations to bear, we can waste less energy and approach challenges with more wisdom.

Week 7: Mindful communication.

Often it is our relationships that cause the most stress, and mindful communication can help us deal more effectively with others. This session looks carefully at some aspects of communication in stressful situations, and through some simple practices learns how to deal more skillfully with ourselves and others.

Week 8: Keeping it up.

“Well, that course really made me feel better. What next?” How often have we been on some course, felt wonderful after it, and then a week later been back to square one? Before we finish, we will look at how each of us can keep up the practices we have learned, and grow in awareness.


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